Words for

Special Occasions

- created in the beauty of the moment

A unique service

An individual poem

for a birthday, wedding, christening or funeral

Poet Adrian Auster will write a poem specifically for your event - wedding, birthday, christening and many more ...

'Poem in a Jar'
A unique gift with many philosophical, spiritual and beautiful poems ...

The gift of words.
Adrian Auster poems are also available in frames, on canvas and on table tops ...

Most poems uniquely created for my clients spread over several verses.

It is a highly creative process aiming to connect to the

history, personality and event along with the significance, essence and beauty of the present moment.

The poem will be an exclusive story, created individually to and/or for that special occassion.

The poem can be given as a gift, or it can be read out by one or more people.

Contact me today to hear more or order online.

A poem


Plant you a bulb

Raise you a flower

Stay in the moment

With no need for how.

Sow you a seed

Give moisture to grow

Know that I love you

Like it’s always been so.

Words, lights and crystals

Poem in a Jar

Recycling jars and bottles to a unique gift

Adrian Auster 'Poem in a Jar' is a very unique idea - a philosophical, spiritual and beautiful gift.
In his Cornwall home town, visitors to the area can buy this very special memory of a visit to Cornwall. And now it is available online in our online shop.

A 'Poem in a Jar' is a poem in a recycled jar or bottle with a crystal, shining a light in your home.

'Poem in a Jar' can be ordered as a uniquely created wedding, birthday or special occasion jar.

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