About me


I am Adrian Stephen George


And I love to write

I have written poems since I was very young. My dear Aunt said to me when I was 7 years old: 'you are a very talented writer, you should pursue writing'; and I promised her, that I would.


What was the space between,
The hardly known,
Heard or seen?

What world unfurled
At the edge of time
When our looks entwined ?

There is a moment
Held in stillness
Where the world is seen

There is a light
That lights
This space between.

Sleep then
As the mooon turns the sky
And rest where love knows why.

© Adrian Auster 2020

The love for creation

Poems flow through me

Writing a poem is a very creative process.

The words and sentences within all poems are never forced or made up - they simply come into creation through stillness and flow. I find the process beautiful and fascinating.

When writing a specifically created poem for a wedding, a birthday, a christening or any other event, the words will form and come into shape when I communicate with the amazing people, who have ordered the poem. Through me, the words of others arise and a poem is coming into existence. This unique poem will never be written again, but takes its wondrous appearance this once, just  for you.

My inspiration is in the amazing people, I meet, and in the beauty and profoundness of nature. I have been blessed to live in various beautiful areas of England, and my path has taken me to Cornwall where I have lived for the past 15 years. Cornwall is an outstanding natural place which generously offers me inspiration, calm and beauty for the creative process of writing.

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