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Adrian Auster has written several poems for events - weddings, retirements, birthdays, christenings and funerals. People have expressed being touched by beautiful words, whilst wedding couples, listeners and guest have been touched to tears.

One birthday girls says: 'I love this gift, it is a very personal and unique gift, which I will always cherish, so much more than the usual bottles of wine or flowers'.

Magical Universe


Today the wind wound
Through the leaves
Of trees,
The ocean heaved a song
That sung


You stopped on the beach
To find two pebbles
To place in my hand,

So perfectly.

We were in a universe
At last
And laughed and knew
How it was made
By the you
Of you.

Later you fell silent
As your words
Lappped in oceans,


I watched on the shore
For your return
From the depths of the minds
Deep sea
To this me

Of me.

© Adrian Auster 2020

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