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“… our concern was speech, and speech impelled us,

to purify the dialect of the tribe,

and urge the mind to aftersight and foresight.“ (T.S.Eliot )

Words For Special Occcasions is a service offering a unique individual poem for a special occasion, aiming to bring out the relevant history of a person or event (aftersight ) and to look at how in the present moment (foresight)  this has significance and beauty.


The service offers a one to one interview lasting an hour, to enable the poet to gather up images and sounds, to turn into a poem which can be read at a special occasion either by one person or a group of people.


The poem is also presented in a framed case with illustration, as part of the service.

Make your next present to that special partner, friend, couple or family member unique and never to be forgotten.

Because of you

Because of you,
Officer blue,

Because of you

We stand here
Under the siren sky,
All your lights blazing,
So blue,
So true.

Through you
We glimpse the truth
Of this time together
Held close to our heart,
At first
At last.

The streets of the city
Are quiet today,
The woods where you walked
Are still in flower
As we remember you now.
The good you saw in others
Was all in you,
Officer blue.

Your call sign, now silent, was your smile,
So rest with us here
In this light awhile:

The light that gives
Without question,
The light that heals
A pain none can see,
The light that holds you with us
In eternity.

Because of you
Officer blue,
Because of you.

© Adrian Auster 2020

This poem was created specifically from talking to the bride and groom. It was created in the wish and memory of a gentle and kind police officer who passed away before the wedding. A police officer that gave so much and was very special to the couple getting married. ❤️


A poem for a wedding

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